Robenson Lauvince, founder of Clearshot Entertainment could best be described as a “jack of all trades” due to his successful experience as a Director, Writer, Actor, Camera Operator, Editor, and Director of Photography to list a few. Mr. Lauvince is bests known for his meticulous filmmaking styles, and visionary music videos while diligently working to attain his role in the entertainment industry. Mr. Lauvince’s directing resume also includes a great number of independent budget films including “les Talents de la Rue” “Desole” “Love Triangle” and “Lanmou Intedi” which have all received many accolades in category listings as best writer, director, and producer. As a successful movie producer, Mr. Lauvince has also developed many alternative ways of making films that are suiting and welcoming to any audience.

In 2018, Mr. Lauvince released his latest film “Married Men” which had an expended cost of over a million-dollars. The film is composed of a well-known and large cast among which are a Pleiad of Haitian artist including Flav, Richie, Jude Jean, Princess Eud, Fantom, Graphy Jules, and Haitian Fresh. Explored in the film are the subjective relationships of numerous couples as they enter trials and tribulations. A private screening was held in Los Angeles, California as a debut of the film, which was followed by a total of 119 prosperous showings within 76 cities in 6 countries. Mr.Lauvince is described as the Director “to bring back the Haitian cinema to life”.